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Muema Wambua

United States International University-Africa
Student, International Relations
Muema Wambua is the author of “The Ethnification of Electoral Conflicts in Kenya: Options for Positive Peace” and “Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding: The ICC and TJRC Processes in Kenya.” He has a keen interest in peace and conflict research, in particular, on international interventions in conflict transformation processes. In addition, he is a sessional lecturer in the Department of Peace and International Studies at Daystar University, Kenya, and also a PhD student in International Relations at the United States International University-Africa.

The paper 'The Re-Entry Phenomenon in Peace Interventions: The Case of Kenya, 2008 -2017' examines the re-entry phenomenon in post-intervention using the particular case of Kenya. Following the 2007 electoral conflict, different international state, quasi-state and non-state actors initiated different interventions that sought to enhance the conflict transformation agenda in Kenya. The relapse into violence in post-intervention states, conceptualized in this paper as the re-entry phenomenon, presents a gap in knowledge, and hence the centrality of this study. Based on review of multi-track interventions and institutional reports, this paper demonstrates the gaps and challenges that attract the re-entry phenomenon as well as opportunities presented by conflict transformation interventions.

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